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The 1st event dedicated to AI applied to space
Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the frontiers of the space industry and radically transforming the sector. Several applications are emerging such as autonomous decision-making, astronaut medical assistance, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.
Many actors involved in the space industry are integrating or beginning to show their willingness to progressively integrate AI into their technologies. Space innovation has always been and always will be a promising area and represents a nascent market with rapid growth.
To that end, Euroconsult and Innovitech have chosen to combine their expertise to create a unique event: AIxSPACE. For the first time, this conference will bring together key stakeholders in space and artificial intelligence industries to allow everyone to obtain concrete information on these markets and connect with potential business partners, positioning themselves at the forefront of the sector.
For this first edition, AIxSPACE will be held on June 1st, 2020 in Montreal (QC), one of the major global hubs for artificial intelligence.

Who will attend?

Space industry
Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry
SMEs and OEMs

Our speakers

Kevin Whale

Brigadier General, Director General & Component Commander - Space

National Defence Headquarters

Dave Williams

Astronaut & President and CEO

Leap Biosystems

Isabelle Tremblay

Director, Astronauts, Life Sciences and Space Medicine

Canadian Space Agency

Wayne Madhlangobe

Director, Artificial Intelligence

Air Canada

Philippe Beaudoin

Senior Vice-President & Co-founder

Element AI

Sylvain Laporte


Canadian Space Agency

David Murray

Chief Operating Officer and President

Hydro-Québec and Hydro-Québec Production

Registration is now open!

Preliminary Program

Sylvain Laporte, President - Canadian Space Agency

Keynote speaker: Mike Greenley, President of MDA


Moderated by Natalia Larrea Brito, Senior Consultant from Euroconsult

Erick Dupuis, Director of Space Exploration Development. - Canadian Space Agency

Rémi Duquette, Vice President AI and Innovation. - Maya HTT

Ewan Reid, President and CEO. - Mission Control Space Services

Kenneth McIsaac - Institute for Earth and Space Exploration

Others TBA

Dr. Paul Mc Beth, Critical Care Medicine and Surgery, University of Calgary


Moderated by Dave Williams, Astronaut & President and CEO from Leap Biosystems

Ali Elawad, CPO. - DataPerformers

Isabelle Tremblay, Director, Astronauts, Life Sciences and Space Medicine. - Canadian Space Agency

Neila Mezghani, Researcher in Imaging and Engineering - CHUM Research Centre

Shawna Padya, Physician, astronaut candidate, VP Immersive Medicine - Luxsonic Technologies

Others TBA

11:20 AM


Stewart Bain , CEO - Northstar

Moderated by Jason Rizzo, Senior Account Manager from AWS Ground Station

Panel: Satellite data and AI: a panel discussion featuring industry experts

Keynote speaker : Isabelle Buret, Design Authority Satcom from Thales


Moderated by Sofiane Benyouci, Director, Innovation from Innovitech

Wayne Madhlangobe, Ph.D. Director, Artificial Intelligence - Air Canada

Carlos Cirilo, Director of ATM Infrastructure Safety and Flight Operations - IATA

Harold Dumur, Founder & Partner - OVA

Jerome Le Ny, Associate Professor - Polytechnique de Montréal (IVADO)

Emeric Lazard, Customer Support Manager - Safety Line

Others TBA

Keynote Speaker: Samuel Foucher, Senior Researcher - Remote Sensing Specialist. - CRIM


Moderated by Adam Keith, Affiliate Principal Advisor from Euroconsult

Kevin Whale, Brigadier General, Director General & Component Commander- Space. - National Defence Headquarters

Stephane Germain, CEO. - GHG Sat

Frederic Grandmont, Technology & Business Development Manager. - ABB Space & Defence Systems

Akash Patel, AI Engagement Lead. - Lockheed Martin Space, Advanced Programs

Philippe Beaudoin, Senior Vice-President & Co-founder. - Element AI

David Murray, Chief Operating Officer and President. - Hydro-Québec Production

5:15 PM

Guy de Carufel, Founder & CEO. - Cognitive Space

David M. Musson, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO - Lunar Medical Inc.

Abdo Shabah, Founder and CEO - Humanitas

Alexis Theriault, Doctor and CEO - Agent Health AI

Ohad Harlev, CEO - Lyteloop

Already partners

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The venue

BAnQ Grande Bibliothèque

475 Boulevard de Maisonneuve East
Montreal, QC H2L 5C4