Why partner with AIxSPACE?

AIxSPACE returns for its second edition in June 2022.

As a partner of AIxSPACE, you will promote your organization to the space and AI ecosystems at a global level and position your organization as one of the top forward thinker in the industry.

The quality and expertise of the speakers and the networking attracts governmental agencies, national and international leaders, investors as well as a wide range of institutions, agencies, researchers, startups, and many others.

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Where will the event be held?

The second edition of AIxSPACE, will take place in the historic and
sophisticated Old Port of Montreal.
Located in the heart of the city, along the St. Lawrence River, the location
provides exclusive access to a wide variety of impressive architecture, highend activities, fine-dining restaurants and an array of cultural events.
Our bright and upscale reception halls will showcase the grandeur of the
industrial and maritime heritage of the old port through the architecture and
contemporary decor alongside breathtaking views of the city skyline and
A central hub for AI in Canada, Montreal is home to some of the most
technologically advanced and innovative organisations within the country.
Not only is it a prime location for inter-industry networking, but the
elegance and prestige of the Old Port will give you the opportunity to
discover a finer side of Montreal.

map mtl

Map of the Old-Montreal