Euroconsult and Innovitech have chosen to combine their expertise to create a unique event: AIxSPACE. For the first time, this conference will bring together key stakeholders in space and artificial intelligence industries to allow everyone to obtain concrete information on these markets and connect with potential business partners, positioning themselves at the forefront of the sector.
AIxSPACE is being held virtually on January 18-19, 2021.
In a time of great uncertainty, Euroconsult and Innovitech have decided to host the first edition of AIxSPACE virtually, to ensure the health and safety of its participants and teams.
The virtual platform we will be using for our event is Brella.
AIxSPACE is open to the public. Tickets have a unique price of $80 CAD before taxes.
AIxSPACE will be held on two half-days, between January 18-19, 2021. Extended and personalized networking times (with matchmaking, the possibility to schedule appointments prior to the start of the AIxSPACE to meet the right partners, etc.) A flexible event with live and on-demand content. An event available worldwide (with schedules adapted to Quebec participants and European partners), allowing the opportunity for more international networking.
Yes, AIxSPACE is GDPR compliant.


You can register for our virtual AIxSPACE by visiting our Registration Page. Registration must be paid via credit card through our website. All payments are processed securely.
To attend AIxSPACE, you must purchase your ticket. A link to access and create your Brella account will be sent to you prior the event.
The ticket price for all participants is $80 CAD before taxes.
No, there are no promo codes available.
Please contact us at evenement@innovitech.com if your have issue with your registration.
There is no deadline to register for our virtual AIxSPACE. You can join at any time, and once registered you will gain access to everything on the platform.
Of course! Once you have purchased your ticket and created a Brella account, you can join as much of our virtual AIxSPACE program as you choose. We recommend that you visit our Program Page to ensure you do not miss out!
Yes, your ticket is still valid even if the event was shift virtually.


A link to create your account will be sent to you in January 2021. You will have to complete a short questionnaire, choose a username and a password. You will have the opportunity to personalize your profile, so that networking will be simpler during the event.
Once your account is created, you will be able to use your username and password to access the platform and the event.
Make sure your computer, internet browser, and all extensions are up to date. Sign in to the platform as early as possible to familiarize yourself with Brella. Sessions will begin at their scheduled date and start times.
Once logged on to the platform, you will be redirected to the event “Home page”. There you will find different virtual spaces where you will have the opportunity to listen to the presentations, participate in networking sessions, speak with our presenters, and connect with our sponsors.
When browsing the participant list, you will be able to chat, schedule a meeting, or request a video call with others.
Yes, you can request a meeting with a speaker; however, please note that many participants will be requesting a meeting with the speakers. Time of the meetings will be limited to 10-15 minutes.
Absolutely! Brella uses AI for smart matchmaking, you will be able to find matches based on mutual interests and goals you want to achieve. Once you have created your profile, schedule meetings with other attendees, chat, and/or do a video call. Our event is on two half days, which allows participants to connect throughout the afternoons after the presentations.
During presentations, the option to turn on your camera will not be available. Questions will be asked using the Q&A chat box. The option to turn on your camera is only available when booking a 1:1 meeting.

About the program and sessions

The AIxSPACE program is available on our website.
You can purchase your tickets to our event here. A link will be sent to you in January to create your Brella account. Once your account is activated, you will be able to join the event using a web browser on your computer or mobile.
Brella is both an iOS and Android app and an website, you can decide to download the app on your cellphone or to access the event via web browser. A strong internet connection will be needed to ensure high quality usage.
Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be invited to create an account on Brella. This account will give you access to our event from January 18-19, 2021.
The program is adapted for Quebec participants and European partners. The hours on the program are in Eastern Time.
During our live sessions you will be able to ask questions to our speakers and they will be able to respond to you in-direct, you also need to log in on time if you don’t want to miss part of the presentation! The on-demand sessions will be available throughout the event and can be replayed as many times as wanted. Check our program to see which sessions are live or on-demand.
None of our sessions overlap with one another. You will be able to attend all sessions and have time for networking without having to worry about reserving a place in a session. We recommend visiting our Program Page, to ensure that you do not miss out on any presentations.


Certainly! Please visit our Sponsorship Page to learn more about our various opportunities.
You will have the opportunity to meet specialists and leaders from both the AI and the aerospace fields and become an actor of change. Maximize your business opportunities, while increasing visibility among experts within both ecosystems.
Prior to the event, an email with a document on how to use the platform as a sponsor will be sent to our main contact within your company. This document will include all information on how to set-up your booth, organize meetings, chat, etc. Should you have any other questions, you may contact our Events Team via email at evenement@innovitech.com.
Add videos, brochures, and shareable content on your virtual booth, participants will also have the option to live chat with you and book meetings. Our virtual booth will recreate that live event atmosphere. Sponsors will receive a virtual exhibitor guide and will be invited to log onto the platform prior to the event to set-up their booth.
Brella uses AI for smart matchmaking you will be able to find matches based on mutual interests and goals you want to achieve. Once you have created your profile schedule meetings with other attendees, chat, and do a video call.

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If you have any additional questions regarding the AIxSPACE, please email us at evenement@innovitech.com.